Resistor makes high beam bulbs dim for Daytime Running Lights?

How do they make the highbeams dim for Daytime Running Lights?
Thank you.

I believe that the high beam filaments are connected in series for the Daytime Running Lights. This effectively halves the voltage each filament receives.

There are a number of different schemes being used. Perhaps if you told us who “they” are, someone can be more specific. It might even be helpful to know why you want to know…

@Tridaq is right, the lights are wired in series rather than parallel to lessen the light. The wiring goes to parallel when the lights are turned on. The less light, I think, is so you don’t run around at night with DRLs ON and no tail lights, but that doesn’t seem to work very well.

On my 99 Camry it was a resistor on the firewall. On my 02 Camry, no clue.

On my Insight, the control unit rapidly turns the high beams on and off to achieve reduced brightness.

AND…I can’t stand that the fog lights turn OFF when the high beam is turned on…that’s pretty stupid. ( I had aftermarket fogs on my 92 and could see the world ! )