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97 Camry Dim Headlights

The light output from these headlights has always been less that other cars on the road. I polished the lenses with the latest stuff. They look nice and clear, but the lights are not brighter. I put in new bulbs. No difference. I have a solution but need some advice implementing it. Since I seldom use the brights, I want to drive with the brights on all the time and aim the lights so they are not blinding to oncoming drivers or drivers that I am following. How do I accomplish this?

If the low beams are dim there has be a voltage drop somewhere.

Instead of Jerry-rigging the high beams, instead find out why the low beams are dim.

Besides, when you aim headlights, it has to be when the low beams are set.


+1 for @Tester because I hate “workarounds.”

Are you using the Auto-On feature? Have you tried turning them on manually? It sounds like your headlights are not switching from the Day Time Running Light mode.

Look for a aftermarket HID light kit. The new kits plug directly into the factory wiring. That will improve your lights and keep everything legal.

I’ve had good luck with Sylvania SilverStar Halogen bulbs, much better than OEM bulbs.

Ed B.

HID headlights installed on cars not specifically designed for the HID, throw bright light everywhere and blind other drivers. The lenses have to be specifically designed projector lenses to cast the HID light beam correctly.

ARE you turning on the lights at all in the dark or are you driving with only the DRL’s on?

I see lots of people happily trundling down the road with only their DRL’s on with NO tail lights whatsoever because they see light so they assume they have some automatic headlight function.

You might just need a new headlight relay. The contacts inside the relay may have pitted and are dropping some of the voltage going to your bulbs.

The lenses are clear after polishing but what about the reflectors inside the lamps? If those are tarnished for whatever reason the light output will be lousy.