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Daytime running lights

My daytime running lights no longer work on my 1995 VW golf. I started the car up this morning and no running lights. I would love to fix this, but don’t want to go the shop if I can easily fix this myself Any help out there?

Have you checked the fuse?

My owners manual does not say that there is a fuse for this. Is there? or could it be a relay?

There’s probably a fuse AND a relay. Look around. Sometimes the fuses are identified by a label under the fuse box cover. There is probably more than one fuse box. There’s usually one inside the car and another under the hood.

Thanks I will check it out today. Thanks again for all the help

It may also be that the bulbs are burned out.

would they both go out at the same time?

Unlikely, but possible. Check the bulbs.

Not exactly at the same time, but we often don’t notice when just one goes out and often they tend to go out at about the same time. So I also suggest checking the bulbs.

Why waste a single ounce of effort or money on this. Maybe click your light switch on when you drive?

I am not familiar with your car’s setup, but some car daytime running lights use the high beam lights connected in series so they burn at half normal brightness for DRL use. In that case, one burned out bulb would make both go out for the DRLs, but if you turn on your headlights and check only one would be out.