Resetting Honda Remote Key Fob

Due to a burglary, our keys and remote to our car were stolen. We had the car rekeyed by a locksmith. We need to have the remote key fob reprogrammed. How do we do that so that it is not the same frequency as the missing key? I see something on the internet, but I was worried that it wouldn’t change the frequency.

It’s not the frequency that needs to be changed. Your car has memorized the encrypted serial numbers of the remotes that you use with it. You need to erase all the memorized serial numbers and then add back the ones for the remotes that you have.
Unfortunately, I don’t know how this is done on a Honda. On a Ford, it is a simple procedure that you can do that is given in the owner’s manual. Have you checked your owner’s manual?

The locksmith that did the job should know the answer to your question.