Reset tire pressure message

I have a Grand prix 04. Love the car. Whenever the season changes and my tire pressure needs to be ajusted, I am unable to reset the message permanently on the message board. I had the tires checked at 2 different shops.In the past, the dealer reset it. Can I do it myself?

With the key on, pull out the head light knob half way to the running light position, and repeat pulling the knob to that position, on off three times to reset the tire psi warning light. This is to be done only after confirming proper tire psi with a gauge.

Resetting the warning can also be done through the radio.

Both methods is explained in the owners manual. RTOM

Thank you so much Americar.I had read the book but did not realize I had to go further in the resets menu of the DIC. You have been most helpfull.

Your Welcome : )