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"Low Tire Pressure" light won't go off

Our “new to us” 2003 Impala, had a low tire, we put air in and checked other tires, and the Low Tire Pressure light on dash won’t go out…we checked the owner manual, followed the steps, light still on. We have never had a car that knew our tires were low AMAZING, anyone help us out there?

Our tires are not low, I promise.


Did you check the spare? Did you follow instructions in manual for re-initializing?

You should be able to reprogramme the tire sensor by pressing the button on the dash. If not the dealer should be able to, at no charge.Good luck.

Remove the bulb or cover it with black tape…

The Answer Could Be In Your Radio Or Parking Lights

Have you tried both methods? It should be in the Owner’s Manual.
The radio can be used if it’s the “factory installed” unit. You can also use the parking lights.

Try this: Turn the ignition to the “on” position. Turn the exterior lights control from “off” to “parking” three times in a row. That should reset the monitor.

Was the light on when you bought the car? I wonder if the little transmitters (one attached to each valve stem inside the tires) are still there and working. When changing tires, one has to be aware of these units. This car has probably had tires replaced.

to reset the tire pressure on that car .you use the radio need to put your key on acc and press the volume button untill you see settings.then you will have to scroll thru all you settings utill you see low tire .and then you press 2 on your radio.and then you will need to press your volume that will reset is all done thru the radio .you will need to look in your owners manual will give you step buy step can call the chevy dealer they will walk you thru it.

After all of these steps fail it’s time to have the dealer test to see which one, or ones, need replaced. They are battery powered with non-replacable lithiums and when they’re dead, they’re dead.

Say what? Really? I guess that would complicate adding an aftermarket radio!

Try inflating the tire to about 3-4 psi over the recommended pressure and then letting air out to get it down to the correct pressure. Some TPS sensor systems require a higher pressure to reset once the warning it thrown.

Also, if ever a can of “fix a flat” was used , it can clog the porous access to the sensor.

If ever there was a problem, looking for a home, this tire inflation warning system is it. Is it worth the time, money, and aggravation to fix it? Wave your wallet, if it is.


Sounds like you would be opposed to an “ash tray full” monitor, too?

Yep. Actually, this could be considered a safety item. People need to monitor their tire air pressures; but, don’t. So, this system does it for them. Do you see all those under-inflated tires when driving?

Pay Attention Monitor

I agree with it being a safety feature. I always thought cruise control was a safety feature because it allows the driver to watch the road. Where I live they need to develop a “pay attention monitor”. More than worrying about monitoring somebody’s tire pressure, something needs to be done about drivers yacking on cell phones with one hand and smoking or eating with the other. I dodge cars wandering all over almost every day with drivers doing these things. I see inexperienced teen drivers guilty of this, too. Scary!

i have a 2003 sounds more complicated than it is.your alarm,oil,fob,tire monitor,a couple of other issues are done using this radio.when i bought this car we went and had the oil changed and tires rotated.that low tire light came on.i tried to reset it using the manual.still ending up going back to the dealer to have them show me.