Reset Check Engine Lite?



My son has a 97 VW Jetta.

We recently replaced the O2 sensor, but the

check engine lite remains on.

Anyone know how to reset?



It might go away on its own in a while or you can unhook the battery for a half hour or so.


What code does the check engine light indicate? It MIGHT not be for the O2 sensor. Auto Zone, or one of the other auto parts stores will read it for you.


It only takes a minute or two…If you have an anti-theft radio, make sure you know the reset code before you disconnect the battery…


Upon professional advisement, it has taken as long as overnight to reset my own cars computer/diag.lights.


Autozone, Advance Auto, O’Rielly’s any of them can scan for any new codes, and clear all the trouble codes with a hand-held scan tool for free. The best, quickest way to get it done.