Question on check engine light

I have a 2010 VW Jetta 2.5 gas engine. It has a check engine light on not blinking it was miss firing in 2 cylinders so. I decided change the spark plugs and coils so. I was wondering if someone can tell me how long if that was the issue before the, check engine light goes away oh and also changed oil and filters or do. I have to reset it myself.

So here’s the question . . .

Did replacing the plugs and coils take care of the misfire?

Because it sounds as if you’re not sure the misfire is actually taken care of

Yes I am unsure if it did I do not have a code reader I was talking to a mechanic and he said I have to wait a few drive cycles for it to go away if that was the problem or rest it my self but disconnecting the battery and touching the positive and negative together but I’m not because I want to see if it goes away on it’s own

If you are going to do car repairs for yourself, you really need to buy the tools to allow you to do those repairs. The way you are proceeding is simply to guess at the problem. I don’t mean to be harsh but that is going to be a very expensive, frustrating and annoying process resulting in the CEL continuously staring back at you.

Top of the list of tools you should own is a code reader that can reset the codes. You can get apps for your phone - Android or iPhone - that can do this. You can buy a bluetooth ELM327 type OBD2 reader from Amazon for about $10 to $15 that will allow you to read codes direct to your phone, determine the area needing repair, reset the codes, and determine if you actually FIXED the problem. There are cheap, stand-alone readers available as well. $50 or so.

So right now you don’t have a code reader. Unhook the battery for about 30 seconds. Drive the car, determine if the CEL returns. You’ll have your answer right away.

@Mustangman you are 100% right I’m not upset this is the type of feed back I need in order for me to learn and get better so thank you sir


The various manufacturer’s don’t have a consistent algorithm for how long it takes for the engine computer to reset the check engine light after a misfire problem has been corrected. It might be totally different for VW compared to Honda for example. And it might be totally different even within the VW line; for example the 2010 Jetta might be different than the 2011 Jetta. In order to get your query about how long it takes to reset the CEL answered you’d have to find someone who has repair experience with 2010 Jetta’s. Like a VW dealership shop. Generally speaking I’d guess it could take from a day or two to a week or two of city and freeway driving.