Check Engine Lite 98 VW Jetta

I just recently changed the Mass Airflow sensor on my 98 Jetta. The problem now is that my check engine will not turn off. The car is running normal. I had cleaned my air filter a few days afterwards and have read that these Jetta’s can be a sensative because that by opening the air filter compartment, that can triger the check engine to turn on too. Anyhow, I am wondering if anyone knows how to “reset” the check engine light? Thanks in advance for your help. . . . . . again!

If you got your codes from Auto Zone. The scanner they used should be able to
reset the computer as well. Devices such as this may work as well:

check out this link as well:

AZ. Auto Zones will not re-set lights,in my experience

Consumers Report did evaluations on some less expensive code readers. One could save you money, in fees, for reading and erasing codes:

If you’re going to invest in a code reader for this car GET A VAG-COM!
Do not waste your money on a generic code reader if you plan on owning this car for any length of time.
There are MANY other uses for it aside from reseting the check engine light.
You can hem and haw about the price, but it will pay for itself many times over.
I’ve had mine for over 3 years now and I have used it countless times (not on my own VW, but VWs/Audis of various friend’s and family members). It’s a great tool.

Mr bean is correct. While you may or may not want to buy one yourself, the VAGCOM will read information and allow making adjustments that can’t be done any other way or with any other tool. I suggest you check locally to find a shop with a VAGCOM. You can try the TDI club and see if someone is close to you that might do you a favor.

A standard reader should be able to turn that one off however. It may not show you all the data that has been stored. Normally A MAF error should be able to be turned off with most readers. If you check around someone should be willing to turn it off for free. Don’t ignore it and let the light stay one. If you do that you will not know if a serious problems comes up.

Normally opening the AC cleaner box will not trigger the light, but if the air filter does not properly seal when you close it, that can damage the MAF triggering an error and maybe calling for a new MAF. Some owners often check their air filters and/or clean them and don’t have problems, but a fair number have had problems. I only open mine when I have a new filter in hand and I always put the new one in.

Good Luck

They do here in GA.