Check engine light won't go off!


I had Auto Zone tell me which O2 sensor was causing the light to stay on. I had the mechanic put it in. The light will not stay off after resetting it. I have changed gas to one with no ethanol and used ethanol. Has gone on for about 3 weeks.


Howw about telling us what the actural code was (is) It will be in the format P1234.

Note: You do know that no codes says replace a sensor, it only indicates an indication of a problem causing an unexpected event, but not waht may have caused the event. Someone still needs to verify what that problem is


You really need to get the codes read or buy a code reader and read them yourself. It could be that the original problem isn’t fixed. But it could also be that the gas cap is loose, or the guy that replaced the O2 sensor dislodged a vacuum hose, or any of hundreds of other things.

In most places there are parts stores – Autozone for example – that will read the codes for free.


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