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Resealing trunk Toyota Camry

Water is getting in the trunk of my 2007 Toyota Camry. I need to replace the seal or weather stripping around the trunk, because it’s come unattached in some places. I did some looking, but I am not familiar with some of the brands and vendors I see. Most of it is generic.

Are there particular brands with which youve had good luck? Any general advice you would offer? Ive never replaced this sort of thing before.

3M Super Weather Strip Adhesive has been around forever and used by pros.


Seems pretty simple to me . . . go to the Toyota dealer and buy the proper trunk seal for your 2007 Camry

Do You Need The Weather Strip Itself Or Adhesive To Attach It?

Are you sure it is the weatherstripping? Leaks around the rear window are more common. Get in the trunk with a good light and have someone hose down the rear of the car from the roof down until you see where it is coming in.

Has this car been involved in any type of accident that may have caused the trunk lid to be forced away from the seal. It doesn’t take much of a hit and it’s sometimes impossible to see the mis-match. Unless the seal became chewed up from something…or forced open when frozen…and the seal is damaged, they normally can be adjusted.

My sister was getting water into the trunk after a accident. All that the body shop had to fix was replacing the bumper. When she noticed the water in the spare tire well she took it back and the body shop told her they could do nothing.
I suppose because the case with the insurance company was closed and the body shop would have to foot the bill.

She brought it to me and I had to pull the back seats and moulding out to get at the hinges, but I got them adjusted. I recently had to change out a tire for her and it is still dry by the spare after two years.


Had a similar experience as Yosemite. I bought an older Grand Am that had been tagged. It showed no outward appearance of the rear ender. But the frame around the outer edges was bent slightly inward and the tail light assemblies were not sealing properly. They used a foam seal around the perimeter and close inspection you could see the gap.

Best bet, remove all trunk carpet. Make sure it’s dry at start. Close trunk lid and flood exterior with garden hose. Use paper towels and rub inside to find leaking area. Continue upward until it’s no longer wet and there’s your source…

Water can enter the trunk if the tail-light modules are not properly sealed too. Or the lenses are cracked. Consider this especially if the tail light modules have ever been replaced, like from the result of an accident.

I tried that one with having my wife get in the trunk @“oldtimer 11” , but the wife kept getting out.
The harder I pushed her into the trunk…the quicker she jumped back out. Maybe I shouldn’t have had the salvage yards tow truck backed up to the car already.


Agree with CSA, 3M weatherstrip adhesive. You can get it at NAPA or any more professional auto parts shop. If you are sure its the weatherstrip. If the weatherstrip is damaged then get a new seal from the dealer.