Water in the trunk



2006 model. Car was rebuilt after being hit in the rear passenger side. Rear door, trunk lid and quarterpanel were replaced. I purchased the vehicle recently and the repair was done about 4 years ago, right after it was originally sold.

I notice that after a rain, there is water in the trunk. It seems to be coming in from the side that was repaired. I can’t tell where though and because it hasn’t been above freezing for months, I haven’t been able to go grab a water hose and try to find out if its a glass leak or a body panel issue. Does anyone have suggestions for finding the source of a leak during winter that doesn’t involve me putting a load of water onto my car?


Probably leaking around the trunk weatherstrip seal. Try sticking strips of paper in different areas around the trunk seal & closing the lid on them. They should be hard or impossible to pull out. If not the lid probably needs adjustment.


that’s a great idea. i’ve never heard of that one. i’ll definitely give it a try. thanks!


Another option would be to ask a friend for help: one of you climbs in the trunk with a good flashlight, while the other uses a garden hose to pour water on the trunk lid-after the trunk lid is properly shut, of course ;-). Try to water only one section at a time (i.e. start with the half of the trunk that is towards the repaired side)-this way it will be easier to troubleshoot. It also might help to first remove any trunk lining on the sides and bottom-it will be easier to trace the source of the leak. Best of luck.


i know that option, but was trying to avoid that given how cold it is outside. i’d like to get this fixed before spring and the heavy rains, but i have this bad feeling that the weather will go from frigid to downpours and i won’t get a chance to do that. thanks for the suggestion though.


ooops…Sorry about that…I should have read your question in its entirety, not only half of it :slight_smile:


no worries. :slight_smile:


It may be the taillight assembly is not properly seated to vehicle due to body work. You may try removing it and placing silicon where the tailight assembly meets the body.


tape little bits of paper to different places inside the truck. Then check to see which ones are wet after you drive thru melting snow, sleet, slush and if you are lucky rain. that might help to narrow it down.


Try closing your trunk when it rains, that worked for me.




I hadn’t thought of this one as a possibility. I think the water is entering further into the middle of the vehicle though. I’ll definitely check it out.


I’m liking these paper ideas more and more. thanks for the suggestion.


Do the flashlight thing BadaBing suggested without the water. Try both friend in the trunk with the flashlight shining near the seals and, you with flashlight outside shining along the trunk edge. Do it at night. Someone is going to see light. If not, get chalk line powder at the hardware store and dust the seal. Then close the trunk and open. Your leak area will be where the dust has not transferred. Try building the seal up rather than bending on the trunk lid.


yeah, definitely not wanting to bend the lid. good call. i’ll give the dust a try as well.