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Replacing Seats

I have a 2010 Jetta TDI that I absolutely love for its performance and mileage. I drive around 33k to 34k a year, and the one thing that I have a hard time with is the lack of lumbar support in the driver’s seat. I have seen car seats for sale online, but how do I now which used seats for other cars will work with mine? I was thinking perhaps an Audi seat would be most comparable? Any and all assistance would be greatly appreciated!!

How about a seat from a VW GTI? That should bolt in, and I found it very comforable.

Thanks, perhaps I could make a trip to the dealer and test out other vw seats first. My parents have an Acura, and the lumbar support on their RL makes me want to steal it!

Or just go to an auto upholstery shop and ask about adding the lumbar support. All it is is a rubber air bladder behind the seat.

I used to use a wedge shaped cushion for lower back support while driving. This might be a cheap way to remedy your problem.

Your seat has a side airbag in it, in addition to probably a weight sensor. I would not suggest switching the seat.