1991 Geo Prizm Seat Comfort



I have a 1991 Geo Prizm. I love everything about this car, except that the seats are not comfortable for me. What are my options? I really need more lumbar support than they have. I don’t want to buy a new car just to get better seats, but I am seriously considering it because mine are so uncomfortable.

Is it possible to install the seats from a newer Prizm/Corolla?




An upholsterer can help.


There are lumbar support devices (I guess that you could call them pillows) that come with a strap to secure them to a desk chair. I am sure that these could also be used on a bucket seat, such as you have in your Prizm. Why don’t you start by doing a Google search for “Lumber support pillows” or something like that? A little time on the 'net should yield something that would work for you.

Incidentally, if you do go shopping for a new car, bear in mind that the typical 15 minute test drive is not long enough to properly evaluate seat comfort. Since car sales have drastically declined as a result of the current recession, car salesmen are MUCH more eager to make a sale. If you explain your reason for needing to take a car for an extended test drive (perhaps even overnight), they are now much more likely to allow you to do so in order to be able to make a sale.


Tabor–It took me less than 30 seconds to locate one example of the type of cushion/pillow that I described above. Take a look at:


That particular one does not have a strap to attach the device to the seat, but I am sure that a little time spent online will yield something that you feel is appropriate for your problem.

I know first-hand just how important seat comfort is when one has back problems. Good luck!


On my old Prisms/Novas, you could pry open the upholstry hooks on the bottom of the back cushion and work foam into the area you need support in front of the back spring. Try to taper the foam before installation and experiment with different thicknesses. Likewise for the seat cushion which is more accessible. The seat may slide off the track for outside work. Too bad to get rid of such a classic car.
Once installed, it stays in place better than an add on cushion.


The auto parts store will have a plethora of choices in automotive seat cushions with and without lumbar supports. I use one due to a bad back.


First try the back supports or other options you can get an auto parts store. Another more expensive option is new seats. But expect to pay $500 or more.