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Driver's seat

I drive a 2000 Ford Contour, but will be needing a new (used) car, probably soon. The reason I drive a Contour is because it is the only car I’ve found that doesn’t kill my back during my one hour commute. Lumbar support, adjustable or not, is NOT right for me. Anyone know of a vehicle that has a seat similar to a Contour?

You may want to narrow down your choices and then rent a couple of the choices to see which one fits. My institution rented a Nissan Sentra for me last fall to drive to a conference. It was the bottom of the line model, but I found it very comfortable. The trip was 275 miles each way. On the other hand, my institution has several Honda Civic Hybrids in its fleet and the seats in the Honda aren’t comfortable for me. However, many of my colleagues like these Hondas. You’ll just have to try them out.

The suggestion to rent a car with the same seats is the one and only one that will be reasonable certain.