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Replacing my battery and O2 Sensor

I own a 2006 Honda Accord. I just took my car to the shop and found out that it needs a new battery and O2 Sensor. They said they could install both for a total cost of $590. Is this a fair price? How difficult would it be to install these two items myself?


Don’t know. Do you have a V6 or I4? Which O2 sensor?

Yikes!! Didn’t know I would need all this technical info. I’m pretty illiterate when it comes to cars. I’ll ask the guys at the shop.

Battery and install should be 100 at most shops. Heck, even Walmart will do it. Did you get a cel or mil light for emission issues? Why do you think you need new o2 sensor?

Were you having any problems with the car before it went to the shop? What kind of shop, dealer, chain (i.e. Firestone, Pep Boys, etc) or an independent mechanic?

From personal experience a battery with low charge can cause driveability problems.

Ed B

I have a similar issue. My 03 Accord’s little engine light lit up on the dash, indicating a problem with the emissions system. I went though a couple tanks of gas, hoping it was just a loose gas cap. So after a month I take it to the dealer, they tell me the code is a loose gas cap. I say no way, so they check it again and surprise surprise! Now the code says I need an O2 sensor and the part costs $189.

Am I right to be suspicious? I am due for an emissions test in the fall and I will fail with that light on, but I have six months to deal with this.

Did this ever get resolved? I’m having my check engine light go on for a day then it will shut off for a few days. No real pattern. Hooked it up to the computer and got a P0139 and also a P0498. Any ideas? Car drive great.