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Emission Test

My Honda Accord 2004 failed emission test and I was told by the dealer that I need a new battery ($110-dealer price) and I need to drive it for about 30 miles at 5060 miles/hr and bring back to retest. This was the sensors would be reset. Old battery was working fine, although a couple of months ago it died as my wife left the car door opened all night. But we jumped start the car and all was fine. Am I being taken by the car dealer? Or does his mechanic have a point?

Why did it fail emissions? The battery is not monitored for emissions. The battery’s job is to provide enough juice to start the car. If it does that, it is OK.

I suspect that the ECM was not ‘emissions-ready’. This means the computer memory was reset recently, and the emissions sensors have not collected enough new data to meet emissions testing requirements. I also suspect the dealer mechanic assumed the battery was too weak, and causing the ECM to reset when ever you tried to start the car. If the car is slow to start, I would consider getting a new battery, but it doesn’t have to be from the dealer.

If you have the original battery, it’s time for a replacement anyway. Just be glad you didn’t get stuck somewhere with a no-start. I have a 2005 Accord and had a no-start at work. Fortunately, an auto parts store was a 2-minute drive away (I borrowed a car). $110 for a new battery installed is a very good price. I paid $90 for the battery alone.

Have your car emission tested someplace else. If you REALLY need a battery, you can buy one at Wally-World for $50 and install it yourself…

When your warranty is over, your need to go to a dealer is also over…