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Replacing Fuel Pump Connector with the Pump?

This may be a dumb question.
New fuel pumps come with a new connector.
Should I replace the old one with the one provided, even if the old one matches the new pump?
Should I bother with soldering the wires or just use the crimp connectors that come with it?

That replacement fuel pump motor is an inexpensive repair solution, that might be practical for a vehicle less than ten years old.

To prepare for a fuel pump replacement for this old truck I would have a complete pump assembly ready before removing the old unit, they are available from Rockauto for less than $70.


Those crimp connectors look like the way to go if you use the shrink tubing. Don’t shrink the tubes with a flame.

No. Do not use the new connector UNLESS the old one is damaged or doesn’t match the new pump.

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