Crimping fuel injector connector

2013 mustang gt/v8. One of the wires broke on one of the fuel injector plug/connectors causing the connector to come off the wire from the fuel rail.

Would it be safe and effective to crimp the wires back together and then use twist connectors for extra security? If not I would have to buy a whole new fuel rail with all 8 connectors, which I really don’t want to do if I don’t have to.


Why not try it?

That’s what I was thinking at first but I was hoping if someone could give me a definitive answer as to whether or not it’s safe to try in the first place.

I don’t want something to short out or cause electrical issues, since only one of them would be crimped and the other 7 would not be

You want to solder the connection and then heat shrink the soldered connection.



Twist connectors are not for cars! Pigtails with the proper connector are available to buy to replace broken ones. Then solder them as in Testers post.


Does anyone know if fuel injector wires are polar? Does it matter which wire on the harness wire you solder to the new connector wire?

The injector is basically a solenoid so polarity should not matter.

The only issue I can see is if someone comes along later and back probes the injector looking to diagnose a problem. They may think they are looking at the ECM control side when it is the bus voltage and assume there is a problem. If the swap is after the connector, this is not an issue.


I should be easy to determine the proper polarity. Look the wire colors and their position in another nearby connnector for reference.

The repair connector in my parts box has red and black leads…

I looked at the other fuel, injector connectors, and the 2 wires are all different colors for some reason on each one

That is so you can identify the #3 injector wire from the #7 injector wire at the other end of the wiring harness with the 50 (however many) other wires in it… could you imagine looking for the correct wire if they were all the same color??

As far as a household twist connecter, they are not designed for the continued vibrations, bumps and potholes etc etc that a vehicle has ever time it is driven… they can/will come loose overtime…

There may be polarity-specific diodes in the voltage-spike suppression circuity.