Replacing Fuel Filter, 1996 Acheiva

I am quite sure the fuel filter on on 1996 Oldsmobile Acheiva (190,000 miles) is partially clogged. The car hesitates and jerks when I accelerate slowly or go up hills. If I gun it or put it into 3rd gear, its much better. It’s been doing it for about 9 months and my mechanic replaced on O2 sensor to no avail 6 months ago. So after some investigation, I think it is probably the filter. I pulled the fuel pump fuse and ran the engine dry, replaced the fuse and this seems to improved the situation a little.

My question is, how the heck do I get the filter off? It has a quick connector that I simply can’t figure out. I know there are many different types of connector but I am not sure how this one works. The one on the car does not look like the ones I have seen for this vehicle on the auto part stores online. Supposedly I need a tool but after finding it online, I am not sure how to use the tool. For the $9.00 a filter costs, I would love to the the repair myself. But I don’t want to bung up the line and need a new fuel line to boot. Any advice on getting this filter off without damaging the line?

Without seeing the connector I don’t think anyone can help. Most quick connects you just get a pair of plyers and squeeze the ends to open it up. And I ALWAYS replace them with small hose clamps.

There are inexpensive disconnect tools, under $15, at Advance Auto Parts stores. Ask the clerk (I mean “sales associate”) for help.

Thanks for the tip. I took a picture of the connector and showed it to the guy at my local Napa. He knew how to disconnect it and walked me through it. I made the switch but ended up smelling like a refinery for about an hour. It has improved acceleration and idling a good bit but the car still hesitates and jerks on the steepest hills, making me think this is a multicomponent problem. I’ll post a new topic for that discussion.