1995 Buick Lesabre loss of power

As I am driving down the road my car will suddenly cut out and shut off. Sometimes it will stutter alittle before this happens, other times it just shuts off. If I let off of the gas and then push it again it will sputter and jerk and lurch as I try to keep it running. When it kills, I put it into neutral and it starts right up again. I put new plugs and wires in about 6 months ago and it helped but now is doing it again frequently. My mechanic says it’s probably electrical and may be expensive to fix. Has anyone had any experience with this problem and what are your suggestions?

How old is your fuel filter? Has your mechanic checked the fuel pressure? It needs to be tested under load. How about the air filter?

I sugested the fuel filter when I brought it in 6 mo. ago. He said replacing the fuel filter would probably mean I would have to replace the fuel line as the line is corroded. That too he said would be expensive so I started with the plugs and wires.

Holy cow. That’s a completely nutty logic. I’m going to assume that he was talking about the fitting right at the filter or something, and maybe saying that you’d have to replace the whole line just because of that one little part of it. But if the fuel line is that corroded anywhere then you really need to fix it. There’s a good chance that it is also breaking down on the inside and all of the gunk is clogging your fuel filter and creating other problems. While it would make sense to look at other things as well (e.g. testing ignition coil(s), distributor if there is one) I wouldn’t go much farther before just taking care of the fuel filter & line.

You might need a new mechanic as it doesn’t sound like you’re getting good advice.