Replacing Front Wheel Bearing/Rotors Hyundai Elantra

I’m in the middle of a front wheel bearing replacement on a '97 Hyundai Elantra. On these older Hyundai’s, the rotor is pressed into the hub of the steering knuckle and then bolted to the knuckle. I am having a shop press out the old bearing and press in a new one. I decided to try and get the rotor off myself, so I unbolted it and pried it off the hub. The bearing came apart in the process. No big deal, as I’m replacing it anyway.

My question is, will I need to replace the bearings again if I replace the rotors, or can the rotors be removed in the future without damaging the bearings? I’m used to most FWD cars where the rotors just slip off (or with the gentle encouragement of a BFH).