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Ball Joints Hyundai Elantra

OK, so I’ve been working on replacing the driver side wheel front bearing on my 97 Elantra. The steering knuckle is out, and I just had a machine shop press out and press in the new bearing. Woo!

However, the ball joint boot, which was already torn to begin with, got even more torn while separating it from the steering knuckle. Now I’m thinking I should just replace it while everything is apart. Can I just take the arm out, and grind the rivet down until it pops out, or do I have to bring it back to the machine shop? How much of a procedure is this?

If the ball joint is attached with rivets, the replacement will come with bolts and nuts. So grind the rivets off.


The Haynes manual said it would have to be pressed out, but those books sometimes have misleading information. I was suspecting I could just grind the rivet down and extract the rest of the ball joint. Just wanted a confirmation before I get into it, and then have to take a rather embarrassing looking control arm to the shop! Thanks.

The ball joint is pressed in and if you want to replace it have the machine shop do the work for you.

I have a suggestion… before you go thru replacing the ball joint why don’t you call the Hyundai parts department and see if they sell just the dust boot. If they don’t then go ahead with replacing the ball joint.

Well, at 200kmi, it’s the original one. I can move it up and down in its socket a little bit and can also move it around with little or no resistance. I figure I might as well replace it while everything is apart.