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Rotors on Hyundai Elanatra

Anybody have any thoughts on how to remove a stuck rotor on a 2003 Hyundai Elantra? I have already successfully replaced the rear rotors & brake pads, along with one of the front rotors. The last rotor however will not come off. Removed the caliper, sprayed some solvent to loosen up any rust, banged on the rotor with a small hammer, then a large hammer. Tried inserting screws into the 2 holes. Tried putting the tire back on and while pushing in the brake, hit the gas to try and loosen it up. The rotor will not come off. Any thoughts?

Grab the biggest hammer you got, and smack the edge of the rotor until you hear it ring. Afterall, you’re replacing it. So who cares?


Can you hit it from behind with a 2x4? This works great for me getting stuck wheels off, much better than any other method that I’ve heard of (tried pretty much everything).

Tried a sledgehammer, hittig it in the back and the front, still won’t budge. We even used a torch to try and heat it to see if that would free it, still nothing.

I’m assuming it is the front, if you tried to use engine power. Some cars have screws that hold the rotors in place. Are you sure this one doesn’t, or they are removed? The only other place I could see that would prevent the rotor from coming off it the lip on the hub that centers the rotor. Put a wire wheel in a drill, and clean all the rust build-up off that lip. Then, use a BFH and whack the H-E-Double toothpicks out of the rotor from the backside. Since your replacing the rotor, it is OK the mangle it. With the caliper and bracket removed, the only place the whack it from the backside is the place the caliper was. If it starts to give, rotate the rotor 180 deg, and whack again. If the lip on the hub is cleaned, the rotor will come off once the rust on the backside of the rotor is broken loose.

You are correct, it is the front driver’s side rotor that is stuck. It is strange, the passenger side did not have the two screws that you mention, but the driver’s side had 2, which we had already removed. Haven’t tried the wire wheel method yet, have used the BFH method though. I’ll give the wire wheel a try to clean up any rust, the thing is they don’t look too bad, rust wise, unless it is rusty where I can’t see/get to. Thanks to all who have replied so far.

Well we finally got it!!! The final solution was to place the bolts that held the caliper back in the holes, leaving the caliper off. Tightened the bolt, so that it was pushing against the back off the rotor and smacked the rotor with the BFH. Tightened the bolt some more against the rotor and gave it some more good whacks, tightened the bolt some more and smack. Did this a few time and the lil bugger finally popped off. Thanks all for the suggestions.

Glad to see it finally came off. Of all the tools in my kit “The Persuader” is my most important and favorite one. A ten pound sledge and some muscle solves MANY automotive problems!!!