Replacing exhaust system with performance sytem

Howdy, I have a 1980 T/A and want to replace the original exhaust system with a new X-pipe(PYPES) performance system.
Does anyone know of a trusted muffler shop that is well experienced and fair at doing such a replacement?
I have all the hardware, down pipes, x-pipes, muffer(1) dual chrome tips and all hardware for mounting.
My car has the original exhaust manifold thus no headers.
Thank You

I’m sure there is a good one in Minneapolis.

Do you have a trusted mechanic that you use? Any reputable shop should be able to do this.

Any chance you can tackle this yourself? I used to run a pypes brand system on my mustang gt. If you have a jack and jack stands its pretty easy. If you have trouble removing the old stuff you can hack it out with a sawzall. Its just plumbing basically. Youll need a friend or two to help hold it up when bolting the new one in.

“Does anyone know of a trusted muffler shop that is well experienced and fair at doing such a replacement?”

As I used to tell my students, I have a lot of credits in psychology, sociology, history, and English, but I have zero credits in the field of mindreading. If the OP would reveal where he lives, perhaps he can get a recommendation specific to his area.

That being said, I agree that any competent mechanic should be able to do the job.

hard to find a mpls shop that will install a custom system with non-original cats. we had a shop in alex that would do anything. have not been there in 4-5 yrs. seems most muffler shops dont last too long. a true dual system on a 1980 firebird might get you 5 hp. since they had 170hp to start with, i suppose you might be able to feel it.

There’s one in Coon Rapids that will do whatever you want (provided it’s legal). Tim’s Custom Exhaust is used to doing special projects for hot rods/etc. They do good work.

I see no reference whatsoever to location in the original post, and I believe that Bing was being somewhat facetious when he suggested Minneapolis as the location for a good shop.

Then, I think that most of the others just ran with the Minneapolis reference.

@Desi Dinero–Where do you live?
Are you–by any chance–located in Minneapolis?


Most places have custom exhaust shops, look up in yellow pages online. Next best choice by me is a local Meineke shop. They fabricated and welded up a custom dual 3" pipe setup for me a while back and spent an enormous amount of time to get them laser straight. They took a liking to my custom car and treated it like it was theirs. They get all my work, stock and custom…

Are you getting rid of the cat(s)? Don’t.

I don’t know what emissions standard your state follows, OP, or what kind of inspections you have, but be very careful before making major changes to the exhaust system that might affect emissions. On your older car the cats are less particular than modern ones, but please put them back in the appropriate place so we can all breathe cleaner air.

So far, VDC is the only other one that gets it. WE DON’T KNOW WHERE THE HECK HE LIVES! He could be in LA, Kokomo, or Boston. Makes a big difference.

Or Guam. Guam is nice.

Last I checked, the yellow pages were available no matter where you live. Get it?

Dubious benefit are you sure you want all that complexity? praise the Lord that you dont have headers if you live in a salt area,however the extra racket will make your car seem faster.
Ligenfelter said if your exhaust isnt hissing,its probaly good enough,you are not extracting anything with such systems,what you are doing if you manage to get any gain,is allowing the engine to use less power to pump its own waste gases out-Kevin

A 1980 firebird has many aftermarket dual exhausts that will drop in with almost no issues. Since an exhaust from a 68-74 can be tweaked to fit. Adding 2 generic cats is easy.

There’s a custom muffler shop near Green Camp, Ohio that does custom muffler work. He also has his own drag racing car he takes to the local drag strip every so often. How far is Green Camp, Ohio from the OP’'s hometown?