Exhaust Resonators


I have a Chevy Blazer with a 350 Gm Goodwrench motor, headers, and Flowmaster mufflers. It has 9" curved SS tailpipes and I was wondering if installing a high quality exhaust resonator and removing the existing tailpaipes will reduce the noise levels. I cannot run the exhaust to the rear of the car due to the gas tank and brake lines so the tailpipes are are about 18" from the rear tires. I’m trying to find a way to reduce the noise without compromising to much HP. I am also trying to keep it as inexpensive as possible.


What year is it and does it have Cats in the system?


1993 and no cats


Put your cats back on; you are stinking up our air. Also the cats do some muffling.


thanks for that…conservative environmentalist I expect?


[b]I don’t believe your going to get much help from any of the professionals on this site about your question.

You see, when someone removes emission equipment from a vehicle in order to gain performance, they’re considered a hack. Anybody who knows anything about todays vehicles is able to to get performance without removing any emission equipment. That’s what seperates the hacks from those that know what they’re doing.



First of all i stripped this car down to the frame and everything is new. It is rebuilt as a show car. It originally had a 6 cylinder and I put a V8 in it. It is a high performance weekend only, never in the rain ride. I did not purposely remove any emission systems for the sake of performance. I have never tried a resonator before and thought maybe someone who has could tell me if they really can reduce the sound of a vehicle running headers and a high performance V8…Thats it. Hey, you ever been to a car show before? I dont appreciate you calling me a hack when you know nothing about me.


[b]Sorry dude! But if you’re driving that vehicle on public streets, it must aquire the emission equipment that came on that vehicle for that year! So whether it’s a street rod, or an everyday driver, you’re in violation of the EPA regulations! And that’s a $20,000 fine if it’s found out. That’s what seperates the pro’s from the hacks!

And by the way, Ive been involved in street rodding for over 30 years.



We know you can’t figure out how to put proper tailpipes on a Blazer and you are willing to violate Federal law in order to gain (maybe) a few extra ponies instead of doing it right and keeping it “Street Legal”. You put yourself in the “hack” category, not us…

High power outputs can be achieved with low noise and low emissions levels. “Performance” and “Blazer” are hard to fit in the same sentence…Good Luck…



As you can tell, you won’t get many responses here. Why not try a Blazer specific forum like http://www.blazerforum.com/ or, Google blazer forums: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=Chevy+blazer+forum&btnG=Google+Search
You are more likely to find the answers you’re seeking