1999 Dodge GrandCaravan Sport



OK, I know this sounds like I am an idiot … ( that is debatable) How do you change an air filter in this car? I have removed what they say is the item to open to replace the air filter and cannot open it. There are no clips, no noticeable pry marks and it won’t separate. What am I doing wrong? Or do I need a bigger hammer??? :slight_smile:


Bump. Any grand Caravan owners here?

I take it you don’t have an owners manual? If you can’t get the right answer here you can simply phone a dealer for instructions or go to your local library and look it up in their vehicle references section.


The plastic box you see on top is a trick part. You have to remove that and the filter box is under that, I don’t remember the setup clearly now since I changed mine 18 months ago and have drove the car only 11KM, I guess it is time to check it again. By the way on the same plastic box there should be a writing that says the air filter is underneath.


I forgot about that item…
Teh big box you see attached tot eh front engien rail is a resonator of some sort, passive item. REmove that along with the flexible pipes attached to it. One on the bottom side is difficult to get at, but possible.
The filter box is under that and does have clips. It splits vertically.
Pitting it back togeth has always been a source of errors. You have to hook the “Hook and Eye” bits on the opposite side from the clips, then close it. unfortunately you have to do this blind, as you cannot see the “hooks and eyes”.
It is not that difficult overall. just an annoyance.
Probably a 1/4" sq Drive + a 6 or 8mm socket will remove the Cir-Clips on the intake pipes.
Clean the throttle body while you have the intake pipes off.


Thank you so much!!! I think that they sold me the wrong air filter because the one I have is too big. I appreciate your info. Thanks again.


And airfilter replacements were always a no-pay service for the tech.Fine if they are easy but this. The Chevrolet venture was time consuming too but not this hard. Should a flat-rate tech get paid to replace air filter? Or is it “customer service” Could depend if its the only item on repair order.