Replacing clutch in 1994 Ford Escort



My mechanics said the clutch was going out on my '94 Ford Escort and it would cost $750 to replace. I’m not sure if this includes labor. The car has 72,000 miles on the odometer and I am like the old lady who only drives to church on Sunday. I like not having a car payment and low insurance rates and low car taxes. Not much has ever been wrong with this car and it is dented up enough to never be stolen. Should I do this repair? Or wait till shifting gets really bad? It is a little stiff now, but not bad. Or start looking for another car? Opinions please. Thanks.


Before you spend any money, make sure the clutch is really “going,” because many people get WAY more than 72,000 miles out of a clutch.

Have you noticed the clutch slipping? If it’s not slipping, then it’s not worn out. The price quoted should be labor, parts, etc, but it’s about right if you really need a clutch.