'94 Ford Explorer - standard transmission needs new clutch



Good morning friends! I’ve got a '94 Ford Explorer with a standard transmission - they only made a few of them. But it needs a clutch. Service garages are quoting $1000. Any suggestions? It runs great - but it’s got 247,000 miles on it. I only paid $500 for it 8 months ago. Your suggestions? I’m ready to donate it to a charity.


Look around your vicinity to see if there is a high school or community college with an auto repair class. You might be able to get the work done for just a little more than the cost of parts. The completion time would probably be a couple of days but the process would help the students have hands on experience of power train repair.

Let us know what you finally decided.


Good suggestion. Actually I work at a community college, and their rule of thumb is no vehicles over 10 years - since the majority of knowledge they want to give the students relates to newer vehicles. So the '94 is just too old for their interest.


There’s nothing really that different between doing a clutch on a '94 (or a '54 for that matter) and a modern car. You might still give it a shot.


Good point. I’m going to keep working on this. I’ll let you know what I find out. School’s still out for the holiday’s but the faculty will be back tomorrow, I think. I’ll keep you posted. And thanks for your help on this!