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Repair or replace - 1994 Ford Escort

Repair or Replace, That is the Question, Have a clutch installed???

156000 miles , Body has a little rust but is under control, on my third timing belt, replaced it before I was stuck. change oil about every 3000/4000 miles. Just had some exhaust work done and replaced coil assembly.

Fun to drive 5 speed transmission.

What to do? What to Do? What to Do?

It appears you may have been in an accident and may need a new clutch.  How about a little more information on these.  

I suspect I would keep it with as little information as I have.

Agree; it’s worth very little, and I would just keep driving it until something very expensive needs to be replaced. Then take it to the “recycling yard”.

If it’s still in good shape otherwise and still meets your needs, replace the clutch. I imagine you are getting good fuel economy, and it sounds like you like the car.

You understand that you are near the end of the useful life of that car, both in miles and years. Many Pintos went well past 200k miles, depending on which engine/cam they had, but an Escort is not a Pinto.

On the other hand, you cannot upgrade to anything worthwhile without spending several times the $800 it will cost to replace the clutch.

If you like the car, I say fix it. You may get another 20-40k miles out of the car. If you get more than another year with minimal repairs, you will be money ahead for fixing it.