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1998 Honda Civic - 150,000 miles - needs clutch

I have a 1998 Honda Civic with 150,000 miles that I think needs a new clutch. Sometimes when I try to accelerate from 1st it makes a kind of high pitched noise until it’s able to get into first and start moving. I live near San Francisco, CA. I commute 20 miles (one way) to and from work every day.

I went to Midas and they told me to replace the clutch would be around $1200.

The Kelly Blue Book value of this car is $4,100 (but considering that the clutch is going, I’m guessing I wouldn’t be able to get that much for it).

1) How long do you think my clutch will last in its current condition?

2) Do you think that $1200 is a reasonable price for a clutch replacement? What do you think the lowest price is that I could get for a clutch replacement?

3) If you were me (with very little disposable income), would you replace the car, or try to fix it?

If you cannot afford the $1200 or less for the clutch what can afford for another car? If not more than $6000 your buying a potential disaster with problems that could far exceed the $1200.

Its seems excessively high given in NH I replaced mine for around $600 at a relatively inexpensive Honda dealer($60/hr labor at time) on a 95 Civic using factory parts. I understand labor is higher in Bay Area but not nearly double.

Without a doubt I would fix it given your income situation. Call a few independent shops for clutch replacement. Ask friends, coworkers, family. If not look in phone book or internet for a Honda specialized shop beyond the regular ones in your area.

Definitely replace the clutch assembly (clutch, pressure plate, release bearing).

Don’t use Midas. Look for a reputable independent shop. The price there may be higher than here, which is about $600-$700, but you should be able to do much better than $1200.

I agree with Andrew and Mountainbike; the price is way too high and avoid Midas.

Labor rates in the SF area are some of the highest in the U.S. but they’re not that high. Figure a few hundred dollars on a clutch kit and roughly 5 hours or so of labor X the shop rate (100-125 an hour???) and you’re still way under 1200.

For a reasonable clutch repair price my vote is for fixing it and fix it soon before it strands you and leads to a tow bill to boot.

  1. Not long
  2. Too high. Should be $600 to $800
  3. I would keep it and fix it.

Good luck