Replacing battery

Putting a new battery in a 2000 Honda Accord. When I hook it up the horn starts blowing and I don’t know how to get it to stop.

I’ve tried hooking the battery up and with the horn blowing I turn the ignition on, turn on the radio and put in the five digit anti-theft reset code but that doesn’t work.

What do I do.


Read the beginning of this article This is why a backup power source should always be connected on todays vehicles when disconnecting the battery cables. And here’s an example of one

So you may have to take it to the dealer so a scanner can be used to see if any modules are asleep that won’t wake up.


I got it. Thanks for the help though. What you do is hook up the battery. The horn will be honking. Then take a key and lock the driver side door. Then wait a second and then unlock. The alarm goes off. I called a dealer to get it because near as I can tell none of this is in the owners manual. Now the next question is why do they even make owners manuals to begin with? : > )