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Installing battery in '01 Honda Accord

I am trying to install a new battery in my '01 Honda. Have connected the positive cable but when connecting the negative the horn goes off and lights flash. No doubt this is the security system but how do I get it turned off to connect the battery?


Oliver G

I’d consult the owner’s manual about this.

I hope you have the security code for the radio. Otherwise it will not work.

Thanks, owners manual does not address this situation… Didn’t know about security code for radio. Bought this used from estate of someone who passed… I’ll have to see if there is a code written somewhere.

Aren’t you supposed to connect the negative cable first?

Solved the problem!.. So if anyone else runs into this situation… Connect the cables and turn the key to unlock the door, even if it is unlocked. It disarmed the alarm system. Also I was lucky enough to find the radio code. Hope this helps others who may run into the same difficulty.

"Aren’t you supposed to connect the negative cable first?"
Rockford, always reconnect the negative cable LAST. This is for safety. Disconnect the negative cable first.
If your metal wrench accidentally hits anything metal on the car, and you follow the rules above, you will be okay. This is because the metal of the car is connected to the negative terminal. If you did the other way around and reconnected the negative first, you could slip while connecting the positive cable and cause a 600 to 1000 amp or more short circuit. Not good at all.

I apologize profusely. I obviously misread something in my Chilton’s manual. That’s why I posted that in the form of a question, since I wasn’t sure. However, I shouldn’t have posted anything at all since I wasn’t sure, especially with something as important and dangerous as
working with batteries.

Thank you for correcting me.