Replacing an outer CV boot

I just installed a split boot on my 1999 Civic. The original boot had a small tear that developed within the last couple of weeks and couple of hundred miles, and I think the bearings were not affected. But I am not so confident about the long-term integrity of the split boot and would rather install a new one-piece boot. The question is how to:

Can the outer CV joint be easily removed from the axle shaft, say by knocking it away from the shaft? If so sliding on a new boot would be easy. I read about this somewhere on line, but have also read the outer CV does not come off the shaft.

I have seen online someone sliding the new boot over the outer CV joint, using a greased funnel plastic funnel to expand the boot while shoving it over the CV. Can that really be done without tearing the small end of the boot (the part that fits the shaft) and can the stretched small opening recover its original size, or close enough to? My outer CV is about 3.5 inches diameter and the axle shaft maybe almost one inch.

I prefer staying with the Honda OEM CVs and not taking a chance with aftermarket CVs, despite the ease and moderate cost of using them.

When the outer CV-joint starts making noise where you can’t stand it, replace the half shaft with a remanufactured unit.


Can the outer CV joint be removed from the shaft, say by sliding it off by knocking it with a plastic hammer, or a heavier hammer using a brass drift?

You’re really only supposed to do that with boots that are specifically designed to be expanded to slip over the joint. Most boots do NOT fit that description

And you are correct . . . some outer joints can’t be removed from the shaft. I’m not sure if yours is one of them. That’s why I prefer to remove the shaft from the car, remove the inner joint, then remove the outer boot, repack and replace it, then repack and replace the inner joint. Of course my way is more expensive and costs more, but it’s worked for me, and I like to do both ends at once, so that I’m not taking the shaft out again a few months later, to do the other end.

If your axleshaft is not noisey, I’d keep it. Don’t toss it in favor of some cheapo shaft. My philosophy is to reboot an oem shaft which is tight and not noisey, versus turning it in for a cheapo shaft of unknown quality.

You should be able to do both boots for less than $30

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You can always go and buy one of these tools.


db4690: Thanks for your response. I would do your method, of removing the inner CV and sliding the boot along the shaft, but there’s a problem on my Civic: a rubber “doughnut” about 2.75 inch diameter on the shaft, probably a vibration-damping device, stands in the way.

The doughnut should slide off.

Yes, that’s a damper, and it’s held on by a cv clamp, I believe

You can buy cv boot clamps at some auto parts stores, but most won’t have them, in my experience

And if you’re crafty, you can take off the clamp and reuse it

I’ll take a closer look to see about sliding that damper off. Thanks!

Anyone know about whether/how to remove the outer CV from the shaft?

If you can’t reuse it, there is always zip ties. My experience with Honda axles is that the outer joint is not removable. Before you remove the tripod of the inner joint, take note that the tripod wheels are not centered on the yoke so note which way the yoke goes before removing it.

I never use zip ties to replace those clamps

I would theoretically only consider that in a dire emergency

I’ve done it for years, never had a problem.

It appears you can remove the outer CV-joint from the axle.


Don’t recall seeing that in the FSM for my 97 Accord.

We’re talking about a Civic.

Not an Accord


Thanks for input, everyone. Tester, that video looks it answers the crux of my question. Interesting how he got the shaft out without messing with the ball joint: more disassembly, but less chance of damage, it would seem. Also his advice to jack up high, to keep from losing trans oil. I couldn’t quite hear what he was saying about the inner grease seal, other than be careful.

Should I use a Honda or is aftermarket boot as good?

Honda doesn’t make the axles or the boots


Is the Honda-supplied boot likely to be better quality than the aftermarket brands (Dorman, Moog, Beck-Arnley, etc.)? It probably will fit just right.

glad to hear it :smiley:

The Honda-supplied boot will cost more, but it won’t necessarily be better than those other brands

I believe the oem material might be thermoplastic

So an aftermarket boot should be fine, as long as it’s the same material

There are cheap aftermarket boots which use lesser materials, but they don’t last as long, in my opinion