Replacing a dash light

The dash light for the Millage, Outside Temp and Compass on my 2007 Ford F150 full size PU is out. The dealer said it would be + - $800 to fix. IS THIS A CORRECT ESTIMATE FOR A SIMPLE LIGHT? (HELLO!!! A SIMPLE LIGHT) Could it be a fuse or a single bulb that I could replace by myself? Hopefully a General Motors ENGINEER didn’t design this type of costly repair to simply change one light. For some reason, I always have some doubt about my Auto Dealer Service Rep answers. My first car, 1940 Chev, only cost $15.00, hard to understand $800 to replace a bulb with almost seventy years to make things better.

Thanking you in advance and also for your show which our family has enjoyed for about fifteen years.

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Check the fuses first, and if that’s not the problem take the truck to an independent mechanic and get another estimate.

The labor is what makes it cost $800. That and the fact that you got the price from a dealer. Sometimes you can reach the back of the instrument cluster and replace the bulbs, but it’s more likely the cluster has to be removed from the dashboard, and often the first step in that process is “remove steering wheel.”

As far as I know General Motors engineers don’t design Ford F150 trucks.

A service manual would tell you how complicated this is, and then you could decide if it’s a DIY or not.

You can purchase a Haynes repair manual for about $20 at most major auto parts stores. If you are mechanically inclined you can save some money. The other option mentioned already is to see a good mechanic. They don’t make dash lights systems that have easily replaced bulbs anymore.

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Your instrument cluster might not have any “bulbs”…Today, they are illuminated by LED’s that are part of the instrument cluster board…

There are many replaceable bulbs back there. Then there are l.e.ds soldered to circuit boards ( not sold separately ) and many l.c.d. info screens are illuminated by a flat panel of some sort , also built in to the $ 330.00 assembly.
Intrument clusters are not simple static displays anymore and are a computerized component in their own rite. ( the correct part number for your truck even needs to know if you have power windows or not. )

At 800 dollars to fix , there’s more to the diagnostic story than just “HELLO!!! A SIMPLE LIGHT”.
Ask for more specific diagnostic results to become more informed. ( we’ve had to get a cluster because; the door chime would stay on, or the dash lights stay on after self check, and other seemingly odd reasons related to the integrated computerization of the cluster these days. )

A. Not a simple light
B. Is it not under warranty?

Here is a good thread from It looks fairly involved.

Ed B.

Shops that install alarm systems, remote starters and sound systems employ “Dash Monkeys” that are usually pretty good at this kind of stuff…

Are they similar to the trunk monkey?