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Replacing a dash board light

I have a 2002 Kia Sedona mini van and last night while driving home the light that for the gas gauge and temp gauge went out, the other dash lights are still working. How difficult is it to replace a dash board light and how do you find out how to get to this light bulb?

The dealer part & service guy should be able to print out “exploded view drawings” and instruction to change the lights.

Be advised, however, that many new cars are now using LEDs soldered on to PC boards for gauge lighting, and if yours does and you’re not experienced with PC board assembly soldering, you may want to consider having someone else repair it. The good news is that LEDs don’t usually burn out that quickly, so I’d suspect you have “pea bulbs”. Those will typically be inserted into the rear of the instrument cluster. Accessing them can be easy or difficult, depending on the vehicle.

In my current vehicle I can just pop off the trim around the gages, remove one screw, and, pull the cluster foreard, and unplug it.

In my old pickup I had to disassemble half the dash. It was a real pain.

Perhaps a repair manual from the parts store will give you more detail.

I have been looking and see no easy way, it is a 2002 so not sure if it is bulb or what?

You’ll have to stop by the dealer’s shop or pick up a repair manual at the parts store to find out.

By the way, have you checked the fuse?

You’re right. There’s no easy way to remove the instrument cluster in order to replace the burned out lamp. The first thing that must be done is disable the airbag system. Then the airbag is removed from the steering wheel so the steering wheel and the top steering column shrowd can be removed in order to remove the instrument cluster.

If you can’t live with the burned out lamp, then it’s best to have someone replace it with expierience with airbag systems and steering wheel removal.


Looks like I will just live without the light, not that big of a deal…:wink: