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Faulty Ignition Switch in CRV?

I apparently have a faulty ignition switch in my 98 CRV. Sometimes the key works; sometimes not. Seems to be worse in cold, but that could be my imagination. Maybe it’s just getting ready to fail. I found that Honda actually recalled the original switch, but I bought my CRV used in 2003 and it had already been replaced, according to my local Honda dealer. If it just needs to be replaced, is this a complex job that I should get done at the dealer, or can any mechanic do it? Thanks.

Any mechanic can do it. It’s much simpler than on some cars. This is what the ignition switch looks like:,1522892/vehicleId,2427401/initialAction,partProductDetail/store,1140/partType,00189/shopping/partProductDetail.htm The ignition LOCK part stays the same; so, that you’ll still use the original ignition key.

Are you sure its a problem with the ignition switch? You mentions “sometimes the key works, sometimes not.”… do you mean when you turn the key nothing happens? or do you mean you are unable to physically turn the key?

The key always turns. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to connect. Local mechanic could not diagnose because he could not get it to fail. Honda quoted me $150 for the part alone, so it doesn’t seem to be the one that was posted??

The dealer price for parts can be two or three times the price from elsewhere. There is no difference in quality on the auto parts store ignition switch; so, save!
The…“local mechanic could not…get it to fail…”. That because it an INTERMITTENT problem. It only fails SOMETIMES. Your local mechanic could change the ignition switch by following these instructions:
I’m wondering if the ignition switch really did get changed, regardless of what the Honda dealer says. Call Honda America at their 800 number, have your vin#, and ask them.

If you mean by not connecting that the starter motor does not crank the engine and there is no starter solenoid click sound then you may have a faulty neutral safety switch if the car has an automatic transmission.
Try shifting into neutral and see what happens. If it starts every time then the neutral switch is bad and these can be affected by cold weather.