Replacing 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0 Oil Feed Pipe (Block to Turbo)

Hi Everyone. I just found out I had a massive oil leak on my 2007 Saab 9-3 2.0T and was finally able to get under and trace it to what I believe is the Oil Feed Pipe from the Block to the Turbo. It’s pretty much shooting right out the top side of the sleeve towards the turbo and hitting the side of the engine bay.

I’m looking to get some insight into how hard it would be to replace it myself. It looks like it’s going to be nigh impossible without taking off the catalytic converter, the drive shaft, a bunch of other hoses, brackets, water pump tube, and who knows what else.

Anybody else have any insight on replacing this or how much it might cost to have a shop do it? Because i’m considering it at this point with how difficult it looks.

You’ll want to also post this on a Saab forum(s), you’ll have a much better chance of contacting someone who has done this repair.


I posted on a few of them and have only gotten back one useful response
Nobody even responded to the dedicated Saab forums

probably should get a Haynes or chilton repair book. check the Library sometimes the have free Alldata on line.

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I don’t think the manual will cover that. But I do have the workshop information system installed on my computer, which has all things saab related. Looks like it’s saying the catalytic converter needs to be taken out, and i’d probably have to replace it if i do that. I’m gonna try getting some stubby flex head ratchets and see if that works for the tight space.