Saab 9-3 2001 Turbocharger

I just bought my first car, it is a Saab 9-3 2001 Linear model. I got it cheaply because it smoked really bad. To make a long story short, I found out the problem with my car is the turbo. The turbo is gone. I’m doing all the repair myself, with the help of my dad and brother who are rather good at fixing cars. So I need to buy a turbo. Which ones should I buy and which ones do I want to avoid.

Just make sure you get one from a reputable saab parts supplyer. Join a saab forum, and ask them for advice. Just go with a factory rebuilt unit and you should be fine. GOOD LUCK

Use whatever is a direct fit. There are only a few companies that manufacture turbochargers anyway. Garrett produces them for SAAB just like Garrett produces them for any number of other car makers and the aftermarket.

I think the answer depends on your budget and your expectations for the car. The GT 1752 turbo in your SAAB is not one of Garrett’s best models. If money were no object, and the rest of the car was sound, you can get a new Garrett GT 17 for about $900. Alternatively, you can send yours out to be rebuilt and rebalanced for $400+, or put in a new Chinese Garrett “knock-off” turbo from EBAY for about $250. That said, if your turbo housing is sound and not cracked (check the exhaust side casting carefully) you can buy a new or rebuilt “center section” for your turbo which simply bolts into your existing housing. This is the complete turbo rotating assembly - it’ll come balanced and ready to install. Assuming you can reuse your housing and waste gate, you’re looking at $150 - $200 for a new Chinese knock-off center section (and some are pretty decently built and reasonably well balanced) and up to $350 for a rebuilt Garrett center section.

The R&R for the turbo is easy; changing the center section once the turbo is out of the car is literally a 15 minute job. While you are there, make sure you clean the turbo oil feed lines with brake cleaner (ensure that they are not coked up) and also drop the oil pan and clean and sludge from it and the oil pump pick up screen too (these cars don’t like extended oil changes and will sludge up and cook the turbo). Use semi or full synthetic and you should be good to go. Good luck!

Roll the dice go to the junkyard if Saab is around and pick one up.

Make sure your oil feed lines are clean and filtration(if any) is replaced.

Although Subaru WRX owners seem to love upgrading turbo’s so much different supply. A friend purchased a used one with ~80k for $50 from forum classifieds and motored 80k thus far with no issues.