Coolant pipe leak(pics)

So i have this leaking coolant pipe near the egr valve. Its leaking from the end part where it looks like a ring, but its cut in half and from between its leaking. Is there anything i can do to fix this?

Thanks and sorry for bad explanation and silly question.

Huh? I don’t understand this. If that bent metal pipe is leaking it needs to be fixed well enough to handle pressure. Given this is a Saab, you might have more than a little trouble getting a new part, not to mention getting the old pipe OUT of the engine. It is pressed in place using that “ring” as you call it. Search for Saab Parts on Google and then by the words “cooling system” to see if parts are available.

If parts are not available and you can remove the pipe, the head can be threaded for a pipe fitting and a hose and maybe a union installed to connect to the hose. Good Luck!

Yes. But what that is requires more info. Maybe add an arrow to the diagram exactly where it is leaking. I see more than one thing that looks like a “ring”. What’s the second photo showing?


If you click on the first image to enlarge it, and then click on it again to zoom in, you can see the hole in the elbow.


As much as i’ve seen on pictures it’s part of the egr valve and new part costs over 200$.

Heres the picture with arrow. As i said its leaking from between the “half rings”. I put a rock under the hose so it pushes the half rings together and doesn’t leak much


This is how it looks, i took the egr valve out:

I wonder if that fitting can be pulled out and have the hole threaded to install something like this

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As I posted before. Tap the hole and install a pipe fitting.

You failed to mention this was an EGR pipe and not a coolant hose. MUCH less pressure than coolant.

Wire brush it and use JB Weld to patch the hole. It will work for a while. Probably quite a while.

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I mean it was leaking coolant, thats why i said it.
I looked up and we dont have JB Weld here in Estonia, can you maybe link me the right one so i can order it?

Hey, You know you’ve got a rock wedged in there!!!:rofl:

With the close up it looks big, but just a small pebble.

That hose does carry coolant @Mustangman, he just said it was NEAR the EGR.

I would unscrew that ring where it is leaking from and either have someone braze that hole shut, or install a hose barb like the one @It_s_Me, posted. You should be able to find that type of Hose Barb at any hardware store. The only thing is that it will be a “Pipe thread” , so you will need to buy a tap that size or borrow one from a plumber.
If you do tap threads in that part, take it slow and easy so you don’t damage the part that you are tapping into. Also use something like RTV blue to seal those threads when you install the new hose barb.



Well, Hello to Estonia!

I retract my JB Weld comment. @Yosemite corrected me that it was only near the EGR and that it is a coolant pipe. JB won’t get the job done. Tap the hole for a pipe fitting and screw in a hose barb. Short of paying $200 for the replacement part, that’s the only thing that will work.

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Got you, thanks guys!

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Have someone silver solder the the crack.


I’d be tempted to try a rubber coolant hose elbow of the right diameter and a couple of worm drive clamps on each end to hold it on. Remove the metal pipe and replace it w/a rubber pipe. If that didn’t work then you’ll either have to find NOS or used parts or come up with an invention of your own, similar to the good ideas described above. If you try the rubber hose idea, you’ll have to monitor the situation to make sure the hose doesn’t tend to collapse. I expect most experienced auto mechanics would be able to come up with a bespoke fix using new replacement parts without much difficulty.

@Tester and @Yosemite have the right idea. If you can get it out like you did, silver solder or gas welding should fix it permanently. I’m kind of curious though how that thing is fitted in there. If its just pressed in or has an O ring, or something, and why the flange if its press fit?

i think the motor is turbo? i sort of see the air inlet hose on the right and a bigger hose on the left that might go to the intercooler? the light gray boxy thing is probably the intake plenum as it has a vacuum line attached to it for maybe a boost control device. now, the darker boxy device that the coolant lines feed into is a mystery. dont know what saab does for their turbo setups. its not some type of air/coolant heat exchanger is it?
might try a saab website and ask what is this thing?

Now you mention it @Cavell , I think you may be spot on about the function of that piping. I seem to recall this poster saying in another thread the Saab’s engine is turbo-equipped. So the hose may indeed be for the turbo intercooler. In any event, it’s not supposed to leak, that a certainty. Any kind of leak is really a pain. I spent 4 hours fixing a simple leak involved with the strainer on my kitchen sink recently. That’s 4 hours of frustration hopefully I’ll never see again. Replacing the strainer with a new one was the key to the fix.

That is the EGR valve/cooler on a diesel engine, buy a new one.


Heh heh, sometimes you just bite the bullet. After spending hours and over $50 in parts, I finally called a plumber for the first time in 50 years. He re-did the drains going back to the wall in a couple hours and only two trips back to the shop for parts. Total cost $134.