Replacement Tire

Dear Click and Clack or anyone else,

I bought two Kumho ECSTA 711 (205/50ZR16) tires 1 year ago, but I just installed them recently. I’m trying to buy two more of them but apparently they were discontinued and I can’t find them anywhere now. Anyone know what would be the next best alternative to put on my car? The guy at said ther wasn’t a suitable alternative and suggested that I scrap the two tires and just buy all 4 of the same type.

What should I do? Please ring in. Thanks.

I would suggest calling around to local tire places and also looking on ebay. There is likely a matched pair out there of this very model waiting to be sold off and likely at a discount.

Here you go.

Go to the Tire Rack website. They are very helpful and pricing isn’t bad. Rocketman I think it’s

Why do you need 4 matched tires? What kind of vehicle is this?