Match all 4 tires?

I have 3 tires that are bald and 1 with 35000 miles on the front with plenty of tread that will go at least to 50k…should I replace all 4 with Michelin or leave on the one Kuhmo and save some bucks? Will that be an issue with tire rotation?

I would replace with four. Reason is that at 35K, this tire is past at least half of its treadlife, probably. If you want to keep it for an emergency tire or full size spare, then do so, but you are not saving that much money in the long run and eventually be forced to replace the Kumho before any of the 3 Michelins need replacement.

The answer depends on the type of vehicle, which you did not tell us about.

Model year?

Do you have to??..probably not unless you have a AWD vehicle.

But keeping one tire with 35k miles on it while replacing the rest doesn’t make sense to me. What are you going to do in 25k miles when that tire needs replacing? Especially if that tire no longer exists and now you have to get a similar tire.

I’d replace all 4, especially because you’re switching brands. That could be enough of a difference in diameter to affect the ABS/traction control, and enough difference in construction/design to affect handling. Why put out the premium $$ on Michelin, then hobble it with 1 odd tire?

I’d replace all four, but not necessarily with Michelins. There are other high-quality tire brands with lower prices.

I agree with that. I love Michelin tires, but in the past 10 years their prices have drastically out paced their competition.

VDC is asking the right questions. Even assuming you give all the right answers to where he is going (I would assume he is going to the you must change them) I would still change all four. It is best to have all four tyres matched for any car.

Matched tyres will help provide better handling and safety. At the least match pairs (driver and passenger side) with the best pair on the back (no matter when kind of drive you have. It is a safety issue.