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Replacement of transmission

Mechanic could not find any codes on my 98 Honda Accord…the car was intermittently hesitating upon acceleration…there were no leaks or no burning oders. He recommended replacing the transmission and failed to adhere to code 3361.1…the car performed the same way after the transmission was replaced and he “could not duplicate” the problem and therefore could not fix it…he did state the clutch were burnt on the car. After failing a smog check I brought the car to a different mechanic who changed the oxygen sensor and the car has been running fine. The original mechanic charged me $2100.00 “as a favor”…is it reasonable to ask for at least 1/2 of my money back?

It’s reasonable to ask for all of your money back.

It’s also reasonable to assume that he’s going to screw you and not give it.

He had absolutely no reason, from what you’ve said, to replace a transmission. It’s not uncommon for a mechanic who isn’t good at diagnostics to throw parts at a problem - a practice I personally detest, but throwing a part as large and expensive as a transmission is an order of magnitude more inexcusable.

Looking at the code (remember that we’re not lawyers, and we’re not all from California) I think you might have a case if you take it to the attorney general.

Thank you for your quick response. The BAR was able to reach a settlement with the mechanic and he agreed to give me a refund of 1/2 of the bill…it’s better than going to court and much better than getting nothing! Way to go BAR!!!