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My Transmission?

We have a 91 automatic Honda Accord with only 110,000 mi. One day it was driving just fine the next day when started up we smelled what was like an electrical burning smell and we could not shift it out of park We did the emergency unlock and was able to drive in rear, 1st and 2nd but it did not want to take off at 3 and 4th gears the Honda dealership wasn’t quite sure what it was, but figured it was the transmission A new transmission was put in but the exact same problem was still there It did not want to take off in 3 and 4th gears Then they said it was ALSO the computer. How is it that even after the new transmission was in place it still needed the computer part and they can still say the transmission was bad. Why could it not just have been the computer. How do I know it was both.

Sometimes, when the computer fails, it will cause damage to the transmission. However, in your case I suspect that only the computer was faulty and you were charged for a transmission you didn’t need.

If they installed a new transmission and it made no difference, the problem was not the transmission. Why did you take the car from them if it wasn’t fixed? Didn’t they test drive it after installing a new transmission?

Anyone who “figured it was the transmission” and installed a new one, without eliminating other possibilities, is not to be trusted, dealer or otherwise. Sounds like you’re dealing with buffoons. I suggest calling your lawyer. I think you paid for a transmission you didn’t need.

I did not take the car from them They called me on the phone and said that "Well some of the problems are fixed bu not all of them. When I asked what was NOT fixed they explained the exact same problem that I took it there for. When I asked But that was the original problem they said “But the transmission WAS bad.” But they were unable to tell me anything else. How can I get them to prove to me that the transmission was really bad?

The burning smell should have given it away for them. I would have addressed the computer first. They definately messed up.


Are your willing to pay to tear your old transmission down? make a deal with them if no problem is found everything is on them,they probably will say they can’t tear the transmission down and still present it as a core,be ready for this excuse.

In my opinion based on the facts we know, I think calling them baffoons is an insult to all the true baffoons out there. I think small claims court action is called for, after you get statements from other sources, on probably causes, etc. From what I’ve heard, judges are usually pretty good to consumers when presented with facts that they’ve been ripped off from auto repair shops, because many times, they judges themselves can relate.

Thank you! We felt the same way. We actually took it to a transmission shop. They were not convinced it was the transmission. They replace a solenoid sp? and the problem wasn’t fixed they took it out and did not charge us anything but because they were sure we decided to try the Honda Dealership who had been good to us before. Is it unreasonable to try to strike a deal? instead of tearing out the transmission and what deal would be reasonable?