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1998 Honda - needs new transmission

I have a 1998 Honda Accord (with brand new tires!) and the transmission has failed. It only runs in 2nd gear. Other than this issue, the car is in great shape. Do I sell it on Craigslist for parts? Sell it under “cars for sale”? How does this work? I can’t afford to have it repaired. As we are in the DC area, I can’t put it on street with for sale sign.
Any guidance would be appreciated.
Thank you!

Your likely to get very little for it. Has the tranny been diagnosed as needing replaced? You could put it on craig’s list or scrap it and get a few hundred dollars.

Yes. Had problems with transmission a few months ago and had it flushed but now it’s beyond that. Needs new (rebuilt) transmission. Thank you for your reply though it’s not what I wanted to hear. :frowning:

Yes, put it on Craigslist for sale as needing repair or for parts. List all the good stuff (new tires, etc). Ask maybe $500.

If it doesn’t sell or you need to get rid of it ASAP, call a scrapper who will tow it away and give you a few hundred bucks.

A transmission only working in 2nd and Reverse is usually in the ‘limp home’ mode of the Power Control Unit. If the PCU determines that there is a problem with one of its inputs or it sees an ongoing transmission problem that it cannot correct, it will set ‘limp home’ mode until the problem is cleared.

BTW have you been having slipping, harsh shifting or other shifting problems recently?

A qualified transmission technician with the correct scanner can determine what the PCU sees as a problem. He/she can pull any codes that are stored; look at the freeze frame data; and monitor the running parameters. A good technician can narrow down the problem to a specific part.

If you can’t afford to have a diagnostic done, at least mention the 2nd gear only problem on Craig’s List so that any prospective buyer will offer more with the hope that the problem is minor.

Hope this helps.


A word of advice . . .

When you sell, make sure to send the release of liability to your DMV

Too many people have gotten burned when the new owner doesn’t register or title the car in his name, and his parking tickets get sent to your house

Not all states have a procedure or form to show transfer of ownership. That is why I photocopy the bill of sale and the drivers license of the buyer If I sell a car. Of course in NY the plates don.t go with the car so you would only get a ticket based on the vin number if the car was abandoned with no plates.

I noticed that you had the transmission flushed. Honda says never do that. Just drain and refill 3 times. Remember that for your next Honda or if you have this one fixed.

Here in CA the plates stay with the car

There are plenty of jerks out there who buy a car, but don’t bother registering or titling it in their name

One of my colleagues didn’t send in the release of liability. Big mistake. 3 years after the sale, notices of unpaid parking tickets were still showing up at his house.