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Hard shift like a transmission problem but not

When I had other repairs done they told me that problem was in the number 2 cylinder and it was an internal problem. It was out of their league. I called Honda dealership, they had a girl on the phone and she said she couldn’t give me a quote I would have to pay 85. to find out what it was. I don’t think she knew what she was talking about. i need a quote how much this should be to fix it before I pay 85. for something that maybe thousands of dollars to fix. The car jerks when it is going into another gear especially in the 1st and 2nd gear. It like shoots off. Jerks and then kicks. If ya know what I mean. Like a transmission slip but I had that checked, that wasn’t it. confirmed 2 places that is not the issue. Thanks for your help

“i need a quote how much this should be to fix it before I pay 85.”

??? Umm, that’s what the $85 gets you. Testing, diagnosis, and an analysis of your problem to find out what’s broken and what it’s going to cost to get fixed. You want someone to work for free?

Do you go to the dentist with a toothache and expect her to do X-rays and exam and not charge you for it?

Did u pay your regular mechanic for diagnosis? So, u might have to pay 85 more for 2nd shop to say it might cost even more to fix?

$85 is cheap for a diagnosis. Cost me $130 to find out it was the number 2 plug wire. Would have been free if it was a warranty item. Worth it anyway to find out and then you can decide if and how to fix. It really takes shop time and equipment to diagnose problems with any certainty and shop time is not free. Now if you asked them what it would cost for a specific repair, they could tell you without the diagnosis.

Your post is wrong in so many ways.

No one on the phone can or should provide a diagnosis to you; especially a clerk in the office.

Mechanics get paid for work they actually perform. You seem to expect the dealer mechanics to diagnose your car for free. Well, a mechanic can diagnose all day long for free.

You refer to “they”, whom you’ve apparently paid for other repairs and who have thrown in the towel. Now you seem to expect the dealer to provide answers for free. Go back to “they”.

Offhand, based on the internal problem in No. 2 as it’s described and assuming the other shop gave up after spark plugs, a wild guess might be a compression issue due to tight valve lash.
A tight exhaust valve is going to be problematic and expensive to fix IF that is the case.