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Lost Car Key

Hello, I lost my 2007 Honda Fit car key and do not have a spare. The dealship is indicating I have to have the car towed there so they can program a new key. The cost of labor and new key is $150.00. My friend believes they can make the key without the car.

Can anyone tell me the if I this is correct and if I can save money on the key?

Thank you

You might call a local automotive locksmith and ask them…Not all cars require programmable keys…

All cars come with two keys. Where’s the second one ?

They can CUT the key by code without the car , but
Without programming it will turn in the cylinders but not start the car.

Check also with locksmith shops as well. Some do, some don’t, have the programming tools for the newer ones. Just call and ask.

Get more than two keys made.

Thank you Ken, I bought the car used and the dealer was too cheap to include another key without me paying for it. So, I guess the laugh is on me. Two keys it is and always on key rings! :O)

If you financed the car, that’s where you will find the second key. Finance companies usually keep a key…Makes repossession much easier…

Lesson learned is never accept a new car without the additional key. The dealer will cave typically to sell the car.

Yeah, that’s about what I paid for my replacement key. I never was able to find someone else who could do it other than the Honda dealer. It DOES beg the point… it’s cool to have the key with the buttons to lock and unlock the door, but as my back-up key I would gladly pay $3 to have a regular old key that opens the doors manually and starts the car if that were possible. I’ve never heard of anyone who could do it, though…

You can get a “chip” key duplicated without the chip. It will open doors but will not run the car without a chip key. I had a chip key that broke, got a duplicate and it worked in the car as long as I had the stub of the chip key close enough to the steering column to be read and recognized by the security system. A non chipped key could come in handy if you lock the doors with keys still in the car.

You can get chip keys, and remote key fobs for just about any vehicle on ebay. Most cars can be programmed yourself. Once you get your key from the dealer, get a spare off ebay.

The problem is that the car communicates with the key to verify that it is one of the proper keys. A key without an RFID chip inside will not respond to the car, so the car will refuse to start. You can get a replacement key made with an RFID chip inside. Each chip has its own set of codes. It is the car that has to be programmed to accept the new key. It is not a matter of programming the key for the car. It is a matter of programming the car for the key. That’s why the car had to go to the dealer to do it.

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For what ive seen about buying a replacement key remote online and the steps for programming your reply tardis is the most logical to me. Maybe you would be able to answer a quick question for me. I have a ignition key without the keyless remote. This key will not unlock doors so I can not lock my honda fit. If I bought a uncut key remote and followed the steps to program the remote with the ignition key that i have would the keyless remote program ok to unlock/lock my doors. This car was bought at an auction and a replacement door key will cost me $400 at my local dealer.
Here are the directions for programming
Point remote transmitter at door function control module (located in driver’s door).

Within 4 seconds: Press LOCK button or UNLOCK button of first remote transmitter .

Within 4 seconds: Switch ignition OFF.

Within 4 seconds: Switch ignition ON.

Repeat procedure above twice.

Within 4 seconds: Press LOCK button or UNLOCK button of first remote transmitter.

System should now lock and unlock vehicle to indicate remote programming mode activated.

Within 10 seconds:

Press LOCK button or UNLOCK button of first remote transmitter, allowing doors to lock and unlock once.

Press LOCK button or UNLOCK button of each remaining remote transmitter to be programmed, allowing doors to lock and unlock once as each remote transmitter is programmed .

Switch ignition OFF.

Remove key.

Check operation of all programmed remote transmitters