Replaced the transmission on a 1999 Silverado

Replaced transmission on 1999 Chevy Silverado and now it is shifting but it doesn’t do anything is there a way I wired the transfer case in wrong so that’s why it won’t go anywhere or is there something else that could be going on

What do you mean …shifting but not doing anything…? You can put it into D or R but the truck won’t move?

If you had a shop do it, have them come pick it up and fix it properly.

Did you do it yourself? Does it have enough fluid in it? Did you replace the torque converter? Is the trans rebuilt or used?

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Why did you have to “wire” the transfer case? Did you put in a transmission that is not an exact match to the one you took out?

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??? The way that is written it’s like you’re saying it’s working but it’s not working. What exactly happens when you shift into D and try to drive the truck?

I suspect this means he plugged in the connector(s) correctly. Of course I am assuming this transfer case is engaged electrically.
Haven’t seen a manually engaged 4X4 in many years. Not a Luddite, but I preferred that than the electric system.

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It’s conceivable at least the transfer case is in an illegal configuration. Presuming vehicle modes are 2WH, 4WH, and 4WL. Front wheels in H and Rear wheels in L for example could cause xfer case to lock up and not allow vehicle to move. OP, do you have an Xfer case Neutral mode? If so, any change to what happens or what you hear then? I’m presuming you’ve already tried 2WH.

Is check engine or any other warning light on?

How do you know it is shifting? By the sound it makes, even though the vehicle isn’t moving?

You don’t have to be a Luddite to prefer superior but older technology. To me, wondering if he had correctly wired the transfer case implies something other than plugging in a connector.