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Truck wont move after replacing transfer case

I have a 2006 dodge ram 2500 trx4 5.7 V8 Hemi. Recent my transfer case burnt up, no big deal. I bought a new transer case and put it in. Once i got everything hooked up i figured it was time to try it out. So i started the truck up and let it run for like 5 mins to warm up. Then i put the truck in neutral and made sure the transfer case was reading in 2H. Then i shifted the truck in to drive. The engine loaded but would not move. Then i tried reverse same outcome, then engine loaded but wouldnt move. Even when i pressed on the gas the truck wouldnt move, it would just sit there and rev. So i took it a step further i shifted the truck into 4 wheel drive and tride running through the gears again. Same outcome. So i did some research and possible problem was it needed a tranny flush. So i went and dropped the pan changed both filters an replaced it with new fluid. Once again when i went to try it the truck shifted into gear but still wouldnt move just sat there and reved. So i need to see what other people think please help. What could be causing this to happen?

Let’s see… You replaced the transfer case and the truck won’t move. You serviced the trans and the truck still won’t move.

I will assume you properly removed, replaced and reconnected the transfer case with no mistakes.

Your new transfer case is needs to come right back out and go back to where you bought it for ANOTHER one 'cause this one’s junk.

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I would suggest removing the front and rear drive shafts and with the transmission in neutral attempt to turn one of the outputs to see if it is free to turn and if turning it results in turning the other output. If the outputs are seized remove the transfer case and try to turn the input and all the outputs and if it is seized when removed refer to the instructions that came with the gear box to see if there is some adjustment necessary for installation. If the gearbox is in hi and low at the same time it will not turn and if enough torque is thrown into the box something will break.

Yea im taking the transfer case out on friday and gonna also check and see possibly if the tail shaft on the transmission isnt connected. But like i said wanted to get other peoples opions. If its not the transfer case or tail shaft idk what else it could be

Is the transfer case used? Or NEW?

Are there electrical controls that operate solenoids or the like in the transfer case? If so, that’s where I’d start. If it isn’t getting the proper electrical commands from the computer system it won’t work. My truck’s xfer case has no electrical component, but I expect that’s not the case with yours. If that happened on my truck I’d suspect a problem with the linkage from the 2w/4w-hi/4w-lo shifter to the xfer case.

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