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Need help if you can please

I have a 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 4×4 I can put it in gear but it won’t move

That usually means the transmission is slipping.


Well that’s the thing I just had it rebuilt so it can’t be that

Why can’t it be the transmission . . . ?!

Just because it was rebuilt, doesn’t guarantee it was done correctly

Have you checked the fluid level . . . ?!

Is the parking brake fully releasing . . . ?!


It was done correctly for sure and the parking brake is releasing and the fluid is full

The pump is working and also replaced the torque converter as well

I think that it may be the plug or the transfer case being in neutral or something but don’t know for sure that’s why I was asking for help

If you put in in N, brakes released, are you able to manually push it front/back a few feet each way? Is this an automatic or manual transmission?

Yes you can push it and it’s an automatic

One idea, put it on a lift, suspended by the chassis, a helper in the driver seat trying to make the wheels turn, & see what’s moving underneath the truck and what’s not moving. On my Ford truck I believe it’s possible to see the transmission output shaft. If you can see that part on your truck and it’s turning, but the driveshaft isn’t, you know the problem is probably something to do w/ the transfer case. Installing a replacement transmission is quite involved, likely required the transfer case be removed first, and it wouldn’t be that surprising if this was just an electrical connector didn’t get reconnected or a ground wire didn’t get re-grounded.

Well that’s what I was thinking it could be but I wasn’t sure that’s why I was asking my truck is of course all electrical and has what they call a plug that connects to the transmission and was thinking that that’s what it could be but I don’t know how to test it hopefully I can figure it out

It could be that the electric motor that does the gear “shifting” or mode selection on the xfer case has stopped working and or it doesn’t know what position it is in. This is a common problem on other 4x4 vehicles…I’m just not sure what exact setup GM used in this vehicle however… but regardless of make many different mfg’s go about mode selection within the xfer case the same way… so the principle is sound.

Look under the vehicle to see if you even have an actual xfer case… I would need to look up what system this vehicle is using.

Also… just because the trans was redone…Nay…especially since it was redone…is reason to also suspect that component. Its definitely no reason to rule it out… to be able to rule it out would be if the trans was brand new from GM… otherwise…it is included in the suspect list. But I’d be looking into the xfer case idea first trying not to suspect the trans so early. That would be my mindset

Yea I think I will try that first and go from there but have to wait till Sunday to do it

Was it just rebuilt because of this problem ?

No we had it rebuilt because was driving down the road and it’s like it kicked out of gear and rpms went up then it went back to normal a few seconds later so I got it turned around drove it till I could get off the road called my dad loaded it on the trailer and brought it home

It could be the root cause of that was something electrical or software . . .

My point is this . . . I’m not sure it was ever properly diagnosed in the first place

Which makes me wonder if the transmission rebuild was actually necessary

Well that’s what a couple of places told us was that it needed rebuilt so we did and apparently they were wrong and I’m thinking it is electrical but will hopefully find out tomorrow if it’s electrical or what